Updating and supporting existing websites

Impulse and refresh the visibility of your business in the market

Updating a website means maintaining your renewed business identity to customers surfing the Internet. It is a way to express your updates in the content of contact, corporate image and expose your new products in the catalog, news or events in the market. The updates are important to repair the old or broken links, optimizing the pages by enhancing a slower delay in the load speeds of the same, component necessary for the retention of the users on the Web site.

Another important element is that your website is adaptable to the different existing devices, this is vital to improve your search engine positioning. Usually Google rewards with a better position web pages that comply with this feature.

In addition, receiving regular support from your website results in increased security. In almost all new versions of the development frameworks, existing vulnerabilities in older versions are eliminated, so securing this factor is substantial to protect your information.