Web Development

Promotional websites

The websites represent simple and agile tools to improve your business. They make it possible to achieve a rapid reach to the market around the world due to the flexibility of languages in which the contents can be published. They are the most common and easy way to promote the events, existing products or new and offers that are made in your company.

The competitiveness between companies has generated the need to achieve a greater creativity in the way of expressing publicity and showing your business portfolio, as well as in the different marketing strategies. Achieving an approach and direct contact with customers is considered a key factor in order to achieve a growth in the sale of their services. All this is possible with the creation by our team of your personalized website, managing to capture the users, to locate their products properly and to obtain effective results in the consumers.

Web applications

If you want to manage or automate a process, information or other elements, we recommend the development of a web app for your service. These are practical tools due to the great scope that is achieved in the access, because it is only necessary the existence of a computer with a web browser connected to the network for that it works, independently of the operating system that owns. The maintenance and support of these applications is done more quickly and efficiently. In general they consume few resources of the computer and economize the time of accomplishment of the tasks.

In DevSun Europe we develop web applications with Reactjs and PHP frameworks like Laravel and Codeigniter.

Reactjs represents an effective tool for the development of the user interface allowing to work in a modular way the elements of the application. It makes it easy to manage complex products in a simple way, which has an impact on better support and adaptation to customer needs. In addition, this library has a large community of programmers who work every day creating new functionalities packages.

In the case of Laravel is an option very much used by the developers of PHP that is constantly updating and support by its creators. It aims to unite in a single element the advantages of the other existing PHP frameworks in the market, such as: an easy treatment and migration of the databases, organization of the routes of the application, scalability, controllers for the management of validations or processes present in the exchange of requests and responses between the user and the server, sending messages efficiently. It is a robust framework that allows, together, to integrate large numbers of libraries developed by third parties taking advantage of the abundant variety of existing features.

Our team is also analyzing the use of the PHP Codeigniter framework for projects. This is a quick and light system with a wide variety of functions. It is among the best-performing frameworks and the smallest fingerprint. Manages the Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern achieving scalability in its products, error management and efficient information representation. The routes are friendly and allows quick indexing by the search engines.